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08-06-2016, 09:25 PM
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Wanting to set-up a VHS capture system for family. Goal is to archive old VHS tapes. The highlight of the collection for me is original release Star Wars but the family member has their own tapes they want to archive. Target budget (can be flexible if required): $300 USD minus host computer and VCR. I am waiting for technical details of the already owned "very good" VCR.

I have done some research on my own and I am thinking of the following system
  • Gateway gt5012 Pentium D820 (2x2.8 Ghz) owned but without purpose.
  • ATI All-In-Wonder VE Radeon 7500
  • AVT-8710
  • Windows XP32
  • MMC 9.02
I have some questions:
  • Is there a compelling reason to run 64 bit Windows XP for this or will 32 bit be fine?
  • Is there a better Wonder card model for my needs? Please note: AGP cards would be harder to source a system for.
  • Is there anything I should ensure is included (or independently source) with a used AIW card?
  • The guides call for a beefy processor but lack context. Will a Pentium D820 (2x2.8 Ghz) be sufficient or should I target for more resources? If so, which: clock or cores?
  • Capture disk speed: how fast should it be? will 5400 RPM hard drive be good enough; should I capture to SSD? I have worked with MPEG capture cards in the past, but never with raw video.
  • I assume MMC 9.02 is preferred because it is the newest version the guide claims as more stable. Arguments to the contrary?
  • How essential would a discrete sound card be? I am putting my old workstation to pasture (it's current utility is a PVR) and could salvage the Xonar DX from it.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

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A bump and more info.

The two VCRs are a Sony SLV-N70 and a Toshiba SD-V280. From initial research they are both 4 head units but I can't find evidence to suggest either capable of full S-VHS. Can anyone recommend which would likely be better? Or should I just try both once the capture system is ready?
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