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Hi, I have been reading your guides for a while. They have helped me with the video capturing/encoding process a lot. Right now, I have an okay vcr, digital8 camcorder, firewire cable, laptop w/ firewire port. I'm able to capture/ encode etc. My question is: if I am looking to capture an hour long video for playback on the pc, what is the best software to use, in your opinion? I'd like the files to be under 2gb.

To be more clear, the movies are mostly under 1 hour. Right now I am using Ulead video studio 10 to capture the videos. I was using dvd specs, but if I am more interested in playback on the pc, what should I use? It can deinterlace the output.. but I can't change the resolution I don't think.. only caps in 720x480. Any recommendations? Thank you.

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Digital8 = DV
WinDV is usually suggested for DV.

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