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Capturing from JVC GR-SXM470 with a Datavideo TBC-1000 (has builtin TBC, http://www.umlib.com/brand/JVC/categ...model/GR-FXM37).

Not the camcorder tapes were recorded on, unknown, but I was not able to put my hands on a SVHS pro deck, or any other deck with TBC for that matter.

For my question; the first tape I'm testing/capturing, it seems, although using auto-tracking on camcorder, some parts look good, and some have tearing/jumping picture.

Using manual tracking, I am able to get a grainier, but stable picture for some of the bad parts, but since it is not for the whole tape, I am uncertain what my generic workflow should be for the rest of the tapes (>40).

What do you guys recommend ?

FYI, I am capturing with scenalyzer, would you recommend using optical scene detection, and split scenes to different files ? Or should I capture each tape as a whole ? - Would this be a mess is a master ?

(If I would capture each scene, I could probably capture using manual and auto tracking, and just chose best looking scene from each recording..)
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Tearing indicates a tension problem. The tape has shrunk and/or was recorded with a tension too different from the playback tension to be corrected. If you are a mechanical whiz, you can open up the camcorder and change the tension setting to get a better picture. If you are a mere mortal like me, you are stuck with the tracking control or trying a different playback device. I think grainy is better than jumpy/twisty, so for the best conversion, you will have to capture section-by-section and stitch them together.
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10-17-2016, 01:32 PM
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Those JVC (S)VHS-C have awful playback. You just need a good Panasonic S-VHS player.

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