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Has anyone been able to get CMC to work in Windows 10 64-bit? I have an ATI USB 600 and got the drivers installed using the very helpful advice in this forum, but no version of CMC on the installation CD or on the internet can successfully install a version of CMC beyond version 1 (which cannot capture using my ATI USB 600).

I was hoping to use CMC since I was planning to encode VHS directly into MPEG, but assuming this is not possible, does it make sense to use Virtualdub to record to AVI and then convert to MPEG using Avidemux? The only other alternative I can think of is to repurpose an older Vista machine I have laying around, which would require some work but is worth it if the output quality is superior.

Thank you in advance for your advice, as well as all the other very useful information on this site.

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I wanted to provide an update on my issue since it seems that this was a novel question. I ended up trying a number of different ways (including the Windows 7 method LS posted on this forum) to get CMC to install without any luck so I am fairly confident that CMC does not work properly on Windows 10-64 bit (or at least my machine running it). Please ignore my comment about version 1 in my first post - I was confusing CMC versions with ATI Multimedia Center (MMC) versions.

I ending up going the Vista-32 bit route and CMC installed very easily. Can anyone suggest settings for MPEG-2 broadcast bitrate format in CMC? My goal is to digitize and archive a number of VHS-C home movies that do not require editing.

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Will it work? Probably. Somebody here has some Windows 10 systems, and I can test for sure. All my stuff maxes out at Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.x is known to work without issues. Windows Vista through 10 are more or less identical, when it comes to the a/v compatibility.

I doubt ATI MMC will work, but you can try. ATI MMC 9.15 -- only that version -- is supposedly compatible. I only recently acquired it, and have yet to test it out. I've attached it to this post.

If direct to MPEG is not possible, AVI to MPEG will work. Capture lossless to VirtualDub, then use a good encoder. Avidemux 2.5 is decent. (Note: 2.5, not 2.6! 2.6 is good at x264, 2.5 for MPEG.) These days, modern CPUs can chew through AVI to MPEG anywhere from 100-300fps. So 3x to 10x realtime.

Broadcast specs in ATI CMC is as easy as maxing out the MPEG-2 setting. BD/broadcast spec MPEG is 15mbit. (Broadcast is 10+, and BD is exactly 15 for SD.)

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Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry its taken so long to respond - getting my vista system up and running took much more time than I anticipated. You are also right that MMC does not work on vista.

The attached screengrabs are my settings in ATI CMC that I got based on other forum posts - can you please let me know if this looks right? Also in another video forum some people claim that you need to edit the "profile.txt" file in ATI CMC to properly implement the video recording settings - do you know if there is any truth to this?

Thanks again for all your help.

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