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Hi all,

What's the basic difference between these two model lines? Does one do any better in playback for transfer?

I have a DCR-TRV 720 that I'm using for transfer of 8mm, Digital8, and Hi8. It does have the TBC and DNR, and does have the DV -> Hi8 and 8 functionality. It's in great shape and seems to work perfectly, except for one little issue. When I plug in the external power supply I get visible and audible noise, both in the camera's built-in display/speaker and the transferred video. The audible sounds like static coming and going at various levels. The video noise is fine horizontal colored lines.

I've ordered a genuine Sony AC-L10A replacement external power supply. The one I have is a cheap generic model so I'm hoping that is causing the issue.

If it turns out there's an issue with the camera, I want to be prepared to buy something else. Thus the question about CCD vs DCR.

On a good note, I have VirtualDub working in Windows 10 64-bit which is nice - 5,000+ frames captured, 1 dropped. I have HuffYUV installed and I can process with it just fine.

This is getting fun! I'd love to stop spending money soon
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I have a DCR-TRV340 and a CCD-TRV66. The CCD-TRV66 is all analog. It has S-Video and Composite outputs for video and analog stereo audio outs via RCA jacks. It can play Video8 and Hi8 recorded tapes. The DCR-TRV340 adds digital outs via firewire. You can also output analog thru S-Video and combination composite/stereo audio via 1/8 jack connector. It can play Video8, Hi8 and Digital8 recorded tapes. I like the CCD model for the top loading feature. The DCR-TRV series are all bottom loading (correct me if i'm wrong). Both of these models have TBC/NR. For analog tapes, I use the CCD-TRV66 more often because of the RCA audio connectors. I have no problems with audio noise like you described. Both have similar power supply and I use them interchangeably.
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04-08-2017, 09:04 AM
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Thanks very much, facp. My DCR-TRV720 is top loading.

Thanks for the explanation re: analog vs digital. Mine seems to play back both just fine, but my "just fine" isn't as fine-tuned as people with more experience.

I can output using S-Video and the DV out without noise. I prefer to use the Firewire without having to use a TBC or the USB capture device. I'm hoping the issue is simply the cheap power supply I picked up. I'll find out next week when the new one arrives.
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