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08-14-2004, 05:20 AM
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I have the ATI AIW 9600XT and was wanting to do the internal wiring thing that I read about on your website. I bought a wire that has a thin flat black plug on one end that fits into the slots on the back of the CD drive and on the soundcard. I have plugged that into the only open slot on my Turtle Beach soundcard. (The other two slots have cords from my CD Player and DVD Writer.)

On the other end, there are four different plugs that can be used. One of those fits into the white plug at the top of the ATI card - but I can't seem to hear any sound if I do that.

The only way I can hear sound is if I use the external wiring - that is using the short black cord and plugging it into the microphone jack on the back of the sound card.

Did I do it right? Or, do I need to do something different?
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08-14-2004, 02:45 PM
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Have you set up MMC audio settings --AND-- Windows input recording settings?

Some of it is covered here:

and the ATI MMC settings are in the INITIALIZATION WIZARD. Let me know if you need step by step images for that.

I have the 3-pin white-colored AUX cable into the AUX channel on my SoundBlaster and Turtle Beach cards, and then it comes from the ATI AIW card AUX output (which is fed by the purple break-out box RCA audio inputs).

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