05-31-2006, 09:05 AM
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I have an AV-8710 TBC going to a Sima color corrector, everything has been working ok up to the other day when I started to notice the thick semi-transparent black lines scrolling up through the video I was recording. I have eliminated it down to the color corrector because when I disconnect it and just go though the TBC to the DVD recorder the lines go away...granted the video looks like crap without it, but I am wondering if anyone else has had heard of or encountered this problem. Could it be a heat issue? It has been rather warm the last few days and the air circulation in my entertainment center is not the best.

thanks for any insight.
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05-31-2006, 09:10 AM
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sounds like either heat related or some kind of interference. LS would know probably a more detailed explanation.

Have you tried removing the color corrector and running it say on the floor or somewhere it wont get hot?
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