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I've noticed some great "recommended" guides on VCR/VHS players and Capture cards

it might be premature..
But I think a USB capture device list, could be made and people could comment on their experiences

*_Tuner (less)_*
ATI All in Wonder USB 1.0
ATI All in Wonder USB 2.0
Creative Labs Video Editor
Creative Labs Video Blaster Editor
Dazzle/Pinnacle 700-USB "aka" The Porsche Box
BlackMagic Video Recorder
(windows and osx)

*_Tuner (inclusive)_*
ATI All in Wonder USB 600
ATI All in Wonder USB 650
ATI All in Wonder USB 750
ATI All in Wonder USB 650

The key lesson I've taken away from them is whether they are "squeezed" into a keyfob sized container or "spread out" into a home theater sized box with proper thermal control over the long term. Without proper cooling they heat up and start to drop frames... or stutter then freeze.

ATI "got this" early on.. and yet still didn't ventilate them enough.

Hauppauge also seems to have focused into this problem and their later capture boxes come in deep dish lunchbox sized containers, the same with BlackMagic

I know the ATI USB 2.0 is based on the "Theater 200" chip, I took it apart
I know the ATI USB 600 is based on a "Texas Instruments" chip, some one else took it apart
I know the StarTech svid2usb is based on an "Empia" chip, StarTech documents it on their website
I know Creative Labs used the LSI DominoFX chip suite
I know Pinnacle re-boxed (literally) and sold the old Dazzle USB 2.0 DominoFX based box
if this has been covered somewhere else.. please just point me to that source of information


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My workflow uses the Hauppage 850. It's meant to capture an Mpeg2 file but I got a workaround for that. Using PowerDirector 12, installed as a 32 bit app, I can utilize the ffdshow interface and capture in HUFFYUV, MagicYUV, Lagareth, etc. For my needs it's great.
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Some issues with you know and think.

finicky like PCIe cards, worse actually.
- Drivers sometimes refuse to install, card refuses to be seen, and BSOD/lockup issues happen.
- Card has zero cooling, gets hot as hell. This would melt itself under my use load. And I mean literally melt itself, I'm not exaggerating. I'm worried it could scorch the plastic case, literally melt it, maybe start a fire.

Resolved. Exact card error, not model error. Quite a good card, when not defective.
- USB design does make it work with modern hardware, and it does use ATI MMC 8/pre9.1 versions. So it does have that going for it. Standard WinVista/7 hackability, which is wibbly-wobbly.

Creative = no. It doesn't really work that I've ever seen. The awesome LSI Logic chipset is held hostage by a POS board. Unless somebody can find a way to write new drivers or something, it's a no-go.

ATI 600 USB uses Empia, but not generic EZcap/EZcrap usage. And has other varied chips inside, like TI. Remembers, chipset as the most important, but usage of the chips, and secondary chips in the device, also matter. That's why the LSI chip in JVC DVD recorders is amazing, and the LSI in Creatve cards is ho-hum.

Most Startech are just an Easycap rebadge. Issues abound on it. Startech generally makes nothing, putting their name on Chinese goods for a 10% to 100% markup. If you want an item now (within a week), you get Startech. If you're willing to wait a month from China, you get the OEM. Not just China, but all over Asia: Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc.

Blackmagic is really nice HD card that has SD as afterthought. My initial testing years ago did not show me the many issues reported in later years. My testing methods are much different now, and due to hardware like that. BM has a dropped frames problem on lots of their hardware, and it has nothing to do with I/O, TBC, etc. It's in-device.

I do really like Pinnacle 510-USB thus also 710-USB boxes, for using with VirtualDub and laptops. But those are somewhat overpriced compared to ATI 600 USB. I'm not sure what the difference is in 500-USB vs 510-USB anymore, it's been too long. I think the 500-USB is Dazzle rebadge, while 510 is new Pinnacle product.

USB came about because:
(1) Chips got smaller.
(2) USB2 had enough bandwidth
(3) Upgraded with computer (and even sometimes OS)

- Did my advice help you? Then become a Premium Member and support this site.
- For sale in the marketplace: TBCs, workflows, capture cards, VCRs
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