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When I'm doing my captures from my JVC through my ATI TV Wonder USB HD 600 into Virtual Dub, for the most part they look fine in the preview window. However, I find once I go to the file and load it into Virtual Dub to start cleaning up that the footage always looks very dark and the brightness always needs adjusted quite a bit upward.

I can get them looking good, but it seems to me I shouldn't have to be messing with the brightness every time and that much on every recording.

Any ideas what would be causing this?
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There are several possible issues at play here.

1. You capture software. Are you using VirtualDub 1.9.x? There are known capturing issues with later version.

2. On topic of capture software, assuming VirtualDub, in capture mode, go the level menus. What does it say? Defaults should be correct. You sometimes need to tweak values, so let's look at those.

3. Finally, your monitor. I have an IPS LCD that's calibrated. What are you using? Is it calibrated? Perhaps you should do a test capture, convert it to H.264 or MPEG, and either stream or carry on USB to the TV. Let's see what your TV thinks of the color. Never judge video on 1 monitor alone. Even my own calibrated monitor can vary slightly. Twinge of magenta here, degree of motion noise there.

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