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Got my ATI 600 USB and been testing it a tiny bit and comparing it to my other Capture Card (H727).

Noticed a that the histogram is a bit weird though, jaggy?
Not sure if that's something one can/should fix or not.

Other than that the colors are different, and i can't say what's better so better to ask.



ATI 600 USB:

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Attach images to posts. Your hotlinked images were lost.
For larger than 890px width images, also attach version inside a zip.
Attach to a reply, I'll fix it.

I did see the images before being lost.

The H727 was really quite bad, colors overblown. Quite a few things overblown.

The ATI 600 USB images is odd, and I'm not entirely sure. There is the possibility that its revealing a slightly reduced chroma that metaleonid has talked about in the past. The again, it may be something from earlier in the hardware chain, or a conflicting issue. You can see the lines in the pink.

There's even the possibility that the source exists that way, and the H727 was just blurring the chroma. That can also be the case.

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07-06-2018, 10:32 AM
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How do you know that the colors are overblown?
I mean i can see they are compared to the ATI 600, but how would i know that it's not reverse,
meaning that ATI 600 is shrinking the colors etc?

Here are some other pictures instead then

ATI 600:

ATI 600 (with sharp 2 instead of 0, to mimic H727 sharpness better):


Worth noting is that the PAL Hannoverbars bug appears in ATI 600 and not H727.
Which makes no sense to me as i was doing tests some months back and concluded it was the device producing the signal that was the cause of this, not the capture card..
Guess i need to do more testing xd.

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