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Research into additional DVR dubbing is continuing.

We are trying to cover as many brands and models as possible as quickly as possible before returning to more difficult models.

Next up is a quick tour through the Panasonic range, EH75V, EH55, EH68, EH69 .. no idea how difficult these will be but somewhat like the Pioneers they require a "pre-formatted" HDD when zero'ing out the drive in order to examine without the noise normally associated with a full or used drive. So its very important to (not) wipe the drive without a strategy for restoring the "preformat". Panasonic no longer supports these models and they will become unrepairable if the HDD fails or you wipe the drive.

As mentioned previously, we've had to take a break on the Polaroid and the TFS2, LSI_DVR_HDB0 file system.. which probably covers the JVC MH, MX and DVM series. If anyone has any clue regarding how to relate the IFO to VOBs please contact me.. we are looking into it, but it is very difficult to see a clear pattern at this time.

Future models that have been suggested are:

LiteOn LVW-5045
LG LRM-519
Magnavox 865, 867, 868

I tend to think after the Panasonics we will turn back to a quick run through the JVM DVM or MH, MX series by-passing the Polaroid to see if those have anything new independent of what was learned with the Polaroid.
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