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Has anyone else had an issue where they are encoding .avi to .mp4 files on Hybrid but only get the audio as a result? It's only happening for the .avi files I have that are from VHS tapes 6 hours long. I'm new to Hybrid so very green to all this, but this is while it's all on its default settings, with the exception of the audio encoding being set to custom to achieve a higher bitrate of 384. Also feeling like the files are still interlaced even though they're being encoded as progressive. Any recommended settings to fix all this? It's just frustrating having it be like this through the encoding not once, but twice running at 3 hours each. Lordsmurf, would love your input!

Current setup and details on this project:

-JVC SR-VS30U MiniDV/VHS VCR (only VHS side works)
-Custom built PC (Forgetting some exact specs, but it runs Windows 7 Pro, top of the line for the time 3rd gen Intel i7 Hexacore processor, GeForce GTX-770 Classified, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 256GB Samsung Evo 840 SSD, 4 TB WD Black Edition 7200/rpm HDD)
-15" Macbook Pro Retina (Mid-2014, 2.5 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Iris Pro 1536MB, 512GB SSD, OSX Yosemite. Using this as my personal computer mainly when commuting)
-10TB G-Drive External HDD USB 3.0 (just to store the TBs of files I got so far from all the .avi files)
-Pinnacle USB (bought from lordsmurf and would highly encourage anyone else to buy from a trusted source like this site )
-Datavideo TBC-1000
-VirtualDub software for Win7

I've converted a few of my friend's tapes as a favor and I have the .avi files intending to encode to .mp4 so they can download and view no problem on Mac and Windows as well as have easily accessible files on a USB and DVD(s) since there's well over 30 hours of footage here.
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selur will want the logs.

I'd hesitate to do a 6-hour encode. Nothing is actually that long, and can be broken up into logical segments. When video gets that long, it runs risks of issues.

"to .mp4" means nothing, as it's just a wrapper. What's the actual format/codec? H.264?

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H.264 and gotcha, so would that mean having to redo the capture but in segments or could it be as easy as using VirtualDub to split the footage?
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