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What do your video folders contain once you are finished capturing and restoring a home movie video tape? I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize my material. Here is my idea/example. Please suggest better ways or share a screenshot of your structure.

Tape 001 - 8mm - Wedding day 1995-07-01

* I assume it is best to label the original tape with a serial code (eg, Tape 001, Tape 002, etc.) to help organize one's home movie collection, even if the serials don't necessarily match the exact chronology of the tapes?

Raw footage
AVS scripts
Processed footage
- Topaz (sub-folder)
- Selur hybrid (sub-folder)
- VDub1911 (sub folder)
Final Blu-ray version
Final Internet version

I included three sub-folders for the processed footage because I may want to distinguish between which app was used to process it. However, I might simply include that in the filename and put them all in the same file. I would also added a TXT file in the Raw footage folder describing the workflow used for capture.

Regarding the final internet version to share with family, is the consensus that Vimeo is best streaming service, and that although family members have to enter a password to view a private folder, it is worth this inconvenience because it does a better job of than YouTube on quality? Is there something better than Vimeo for preserving quality in the streaming format?
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That's not dissimilar to our business folder format, ours goes a little something like this:

Tape barcodes are [2-digit year][Week as alpha/numeric single][Job code, 3 digit sequential] - [3 digit tape number sequential]

For example, as we get to the end of the day currently running are 22E013-010, 22E001-143 & 22E013-014, these are crossed linked to customer reference in a database, this probably isn't needed for domestic situations. We have barcode printers and a member of staff to deal with this, which is helpful

Our core folder structure, per job reference, looks like this:

- Inputs (whatever was captured)
- Intermediates (contains subfolders of any intermediate processed files)
- Documents (we scan various documents and PDF them, but again that's not a home thing.)
- Scripts
- Project (Contains any AE, Premiere etc files as required)
- Outputs (final deliveries, contains subfolders for various file formats).

That's the core, there are also business-sensitive folders attached but that's not relevant here. It's probably not the best system but I'm buggered if I'm changing it now, it was all arbitrary to begin with.

If we switch to (or flex-up) to lever AWS for off-site transcoding, it's all quite different but that's a whole other avenue of fun. There's probably a book that could be written on how that's structured, and that's not something for the DIY'er.
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