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I'm using Selur Hybrid to do some restoration on 8mm home videos, including some denoising, and a bit of stabilization. I had been outputting to ProResHQ because I couldn't figure out how to overcome the PCM error when trying to output to x264 (I finally figured out how to deal with that error).

Reading the forums, I learned that ProRes takes more file space than X264 but it arguably a better choice for uploading to YouTube if space and upload time is not a concern. Also the higher end of ProRes is essentially identical to the raw data, from what I heard.

Now that I can output to x264 (having solved the PCM sound error), I am finally able to create a Blu-ray spec file via the Restriction Settings menu.

My goal is to distribute the videos to my family in two formats: (1) Blu-ray discs, and (2) YouTube (or maybe Vimeo).

Should I bother creating a ProResHQ version for YouTube, or is the Blu-ray spec video file more-or-less identical for the purpose of uploading to YouTube. In other words, what do the restorers at this forum do? Multiple outputs (for Blu-ray version, YouTube version, ProRes version)?
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I personally upload lossless AVI after de-interlacing with QTGMC, cropping and resizing to 1440x1080 and youtube takes care of the encoding to h264, It takes overnight for the upload to finish but that's about the highest I can go to avoid Youtube butchering since 1080p is the next tier of less compression after 720p which is now considered SD by youtube therefore it is treated as 480p and the compression ratio is horrible. I was told that resizing to 4k will give the option of a better codec than h.264 and the result would look indistinguishable from the original file but I don't have the 4K capability on my machines.

Note that upscaling doesn't make the video any better it is just a tricky way to avoid Youtube's harsh compression since their algorithm doesn't know what is the original resolution of the video.

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If you upload at 1440P or greater (which includes 1920x1440 ie 4:3), Youtube will encode your uploads with the better VP9 video codec.

You can check the codec in use by right-clicking on the youtube video and looking at "Stats for nerds".

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Yep, that's the one, VP9, I keep forgetting that name.

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