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11-09-2010, 01:13 AM
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AVISynthesizer is a freeware, and it is attached to the bottom of this post for download.

About AVISynthesizer / Why Use AVISynthesizer?

AVISynthesizer - A tool to make Avisynth usable by mere mortals! Avisynth is a powerful video processing tool by Ben Rudiak-Gould. AVISynthesizer lets you build Avisynth scripts based on predefined templates. If you aren't the sort that is willing or able to learn a computer scripting language, AVISynthesizer makes Avisynth's power accessible to you.

If you already know the Avisynth scripting language, AVISynthesizer helps you with repetitive scripting chores. If you have a suitable template defined, AVISynthesizer can build complete scripts for you. At the very least, you can use the simple AVISource or DirectShowSource templates to generate the repetitive parts that begin nearly all one-off scripts.

The current version is 0.7: asysetup.exe, 340 KB, released 2001.08.25. This is still considered beta software, but it appears to work well. The old, simple, pre-GUI version (0.4) is still available: asysetup-0.4.exe, 319 KB, released 2001.08.23.

Version History:
  • 0.7 — Added the file reordering feature; changed the way generated template files are named from video.avs to video--templateNN.avs; bug fixes.
  • 0.6 — First public version of the new template-based script generation functionality. Because of the new MFC GUI, this version is no longer buildable by Cygwin. Such a short feature life...
  • 0.4 — Small source code changes to make it easier to build with Visual C++, and made the program buildable by Cygwin.
  • 0.3 — This fixes the ShFolder DLL problem on Win9x systems. (0.2 works fine on Win2K.)
  • 0.2 — First public release.


To get access to download the files, simply join the forum as a Free Member (it's free!) and that's it. You'll be able to download. We don't send spam or sell your e-mail addresses.

If you're not sure what to do with these ZIP or RAR files, then read this help post.

NOTE: Text and software archived from http://tangentsoft.net/video/asynther. It's unfortunate when good software disappears, so I'm archiving this one, in case that site (which has not been updated in 2+ years) suddenly goes MIA, as so many sites before it have done, taking valuable tools into the black hole that is the "online archive".

Attached Files
File Type: pdf AVISynthesizer Manual.pdf (59.3 KB, 104 downloads)
File Type: rar asysetup.rar (335.7 KB, 97 downloads)
File Type: rar asysetup-0.4.rar (309.7 KB, 69 downloads)

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