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Was wondering was is the normal field domiance on a DVD recorder?

(JVC Deck)

Is the field order pretty much the same on all DVD recorders?

What about PAL DVD recorders?

What about store purchased DVD?
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12-18-2011, 10:35 PM
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Virtually everything is TFF (top field first) field order dominance.
Every single DVD recorder I've ever come across is top-field interlacing. Never seen anything else.
Same for almost all capture cards.

DV is bottom-field video, so anything coming from a DV camera or hardware DV converter box will be BFF (bottom field first).

Most store-bought DVDs are progressive content with 3:2 pulldown (which can appear as interlaced in some editors, as it does to the TV set).
Of those that are truly interlaced, it really depends on the ingest method. If DV, bottom. If something else, it could be either.

PAL and NTSC are the same, in this regard.

The JVC DVD recorders with LSI Logic chipsets are most assuredly TFF.

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