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I have captured three files about 15 gig each from VHS c which I archived as huffyuv avi. Now to use the archive to make some MPEG-2 for watching I first tried my trial version of adobe CS6 to encode. I find CS-6 doesnt do MPEG-2 even after installing the updates. I used Avidemux 2.56 set to 2 pass video size and left the video size at 700 mb. It is crashing at the end of the process on both xp and win 7 computers. I found that Avidemux 2.56 if set to constant quantiser does not crash.On this setting it seems to produce a good MPEG-2 file.

Anybody else see this?
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It's probably crashing because the video needs more bitrate than 700mb filesize allows.

Avidemux works best with either constant quantize or 2-pass. For MPEG, I prefer 2-pass. It's not always smart at the best bitrates for MPEG-2. But for x264, I prefer the constant quantize.

For advanced x264, Hybrid is really nice.

I'm looking to create a guide for all of those. The Avidemux guides already exist, but simply are not linked in menus. The Hybrid guide is scheduled as soon as the site coding is done.

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