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I have a quick audio question for you. I am trying to convert an AC3 file into an AIFF so I can edit it in Adobe Soundbooth. I know I did this in the past but darned if I can remember how. Using Apple Compressor for the conversion.

Anyway, my question is simply this. The AC3 file is 192 kbps, 48 kHz. Compressor gives me two bit depth options for a 48 kHz AIF: 16 and 24. Which should I choose? (It seems logical to keep the sample rate the same, which is why I'm only looking at the 48 kHz options.)

I know you're more of a PC/WAV person, but I figure you may have insight into this anyway. Ideally, I'd like to edit down the hiss in Soundbooth and then convert the file back to an AC3, but I should be OK with doing that.

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I used to use the audio conversion tool that came free with DVD Studio Pro, A.Pack, that does AC3 <> AIFF. I used that a lot, back with DVDSP 1.5 on OS9. It's mentioned on the DVD Studio Pro guide: http://www.digitalfaq.com/guides/vid...studio-pro.htm
I think ffmpegX does >AIFF conversion too.

I'd leave it as 16-bit. The AC3 is 16-bit, 48kHz, 192kbps.

WAV and AIFF is mostly just a system thing. Apple is AIFF, Microsoft is WAV. Same with AVI vs MOV.

Soundbooth for hiss reduction? Are you having any luck with that? I found Soundbooth to be more of a straight editor, severely lacking in filters. Even the freeware Audacity (which is also on Mac!) may be a better choice for you.

For that matter, Audacity may do AC<>AIFF, too. Never tried.

Beware of sample rate changes!! If you change from 48kHz to 44.1kHz, for example, it's not uncommon to lose audio sync on longer recordings. The re-sample is almost never perfect. Goldwave likes to default save as 44.1kHz, and if I don't pay attention, I'll mess up the new file. Even worse, if I trash the source, I'll have to start over. Learned that the hard way.

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