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Hi everyone,

After capping tapes which contained mono linear audio, I decided to remaster the audio for subtle clarity since the original audio had low volume. The only issue though is that one of the tapes I capped- the audio has some weird noticeable "digital" grinding noise. It's NOT an issue with my equipment that I've used for capturing, it's been recorded I guess from the VCR that was used to record the footage (1996). Though the goal of remastering VHS audio (in my opinion) is to remove the nasties and which I'm wanting to filter out that grinding noise out for the remastered version of the captured audio. I'm using Adobe Auditon to remaster my audio, and my best bet for removing this noise is to use the Notch Filter. I may have to use an external program to remove the digital grinding but I don't want to lose valuable parts of the audio.
Do any of you have advice and/or solutions to filtering out this digital grinding noise? I tried the Notch Filter but I'm afraid of losing parts of the good audio.

To show what's happening here, I zipped up 6 FLAC samples of the grinding audio, some with silence and some with music and voice-overs. (Audio from the ZIP contains remastered audio, not the original version)


EDIT: I somehow accidentally posted this in the wrong thread, can we move this to the "Restore, Filter & Improve" section if that's better? Done. -LS

Thanks again.

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Source being Disney Channel, it sounds like distortion in the analog cable TV transmission.

I don't know what to suggest. The noise is all over the frequency spectrum, so I don't think the Notch Filter will do you much good. And it isn't one repetitive signal; the speed varies all over the place.
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Darn aliens... Suggesting what you said, it could be the transmission since cable TV was analog back then. Surprisingly the rest of the content on that tape (not Disney Channel) doesn't have the noise (probably recorded on different days). So it must be Disney Channel or the cable transmission line at that moment having interference noise. Thank you msgohan!
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