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I wanna go from my (PAL) AVI Huffyuv working files (sample) to 5-15 GB/h MP4's (or any other container that is widely compatible and supports chapter metadata). What codec would work for me? I'd at least like to deinterlace, and maybe mask as well. Speed is not important for me, as I have plenty of time and not too many tapes. I just want a workflow that is effective and fairly straightforward. I know that deinterlacing allegedly worsens video quality, but I want the end result to be as widely compatible as possible, and VLC is already giving me trouble (wrong field order).

Since I'm not particularly excited about spending two days puzzling pieces of script and plugins and installations together, I was wondering whether someone could give me a quickstart maybe a zipped AviSynth(+) installation with at least everything for QTGMC, or a script that works in my case as a starting point from which I can continue. I know it's probably a bit entitled and ignorant of me to ask for something that people have put lots of effort in and differs from case to case, but anything that saves me some time is more than welcome.

PS. I have been browsing through forum posts, and made the following notes for myself:

PPS. If I use AviSynth+ x64, are there scripts I'm missing out on that are interesting for my use case?

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