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Currently I am using a Panasonic DMR-ES25 DVD Recorder as a pass-through to my DVD iScan DUO for my Panasonic LX-H670 Laserdisc player and JVC SR9800 VCR. As I quickly discovered, I cannot use the HDMI output from DVD Recorder to the iScan DUO as a I get a "content protected" error.

I now plan on buying a DMR-ES15 based on Lord's Smurfs posts, but in the mean-time I am trying to get familiar with the current recorder as I'm sure most of the settings are the same.

1. Which video output should I use from the DVD recorder to the iScan Duo? Composite, S-Video or Component?

2. Any recommendation for video settings on both units? I currently have DNR turned off on the recorder, and the composite output from the Criterion Ghostbusters LD looks really good.

3. In the "Video" sub-menu there is also "Progressive On/Off" and "Transfer Video/Auto1/Auto2". Which should be selected?

4. In the TV Screen sub-menu should I select "16:9 & (480i)" or "16:9 & (480p)" knowing that I am outputting to a video processor?

5. Any general tips on general video properties like brightness/contrast/saturation? I read that the Panasonic recorders can be slightly dark.

6. Should I be using any specific settings on the iScan Duo like mosquito reduction?

7. since the DVD recorder does not have optical audio in, I am going directly from the player to the iScan Duo. The Duo apparently automatically compensates for the audio delay, but should I set it back since the video is going through the recorder?

Thank you very much for your time.
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