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So I've come to the realization that it's very important to retain the interlacing on the final encoded "restored master", and I feel having the final product as interlaced can serve lots of benefits for long term storage and playback. However, I am a very big fan of QTGMC not just for it's deinterlacing capabilities, but it's also a very gorgeous cleanup tool.

Is there any way to utilize the cleanup features of QTGMC without deinterlacing the material? My sources derive from either 50i/60i motion clips from VHS. Thanks in advance!

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Is there any way to utilize the cleanup features of QTGMC without deinterlacing the material?
Not really, QTGMC noise removal is part of the deinterlacing process and use the "basis" of motion compensation to achieve it while reconstructing the frame from the field.

However it may work somehow, you can try setting FPSDivisor=2 to force QTGMC to drop the second frame, but be prepared to some tendence to stutter on the single-rate output.

Report the results here if you try!

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interlaced cleanup, qtgmc

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