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02-01-2022, 12:26 AM
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Hi all,
Looking to get some feedback on my VHS Restoration script and results before I start doing full tapes again.
This is the script I am using, I will attach a sample of the source video as well.

video = AviSource("B:\Videos\Captures\Cronkike Remembers Test2.avi")
audio = WAVSource ("B:\Videos\Captures\Cronkike Remembers Test.wav")
AudioDub (video, audio)

# change path statement below to match your suystem

SetFilterMTMode("DEFAULT_MT_MODE", 2)
Tweak(cont=1.10,sat = 1.05,dither=true,coring=false)
#Levels(16, 1.0, 255, 16, 250, dither=true, coring=false)
QTGMC(Preset="Faster", Lossless=2, MatchEnhance=0.75, TR2=1, Sharpness=0.1, EdiThreads=16) 
RemoveGrain(mode=2, modeU=2, modeV=2)
LSFmod(strength=100, Smode=3, Smethod=2, kernel=11)


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02-01-2022, 04:34 AM
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for better results you should use qtgmc first in the chain of filters. It's well known the yuy2<> yv12 convertion is not 100% accurate. Also for vhs tapes i'm a fan of chroma noise filters especially spotless.
avisource(interlace=true) # YUY2 source
qtgmc(fast,edithreads=15) # "fast" mode is best in most cases
ColorYUV(gain_y=5) #YUY2
Tweak(cont=1.10,sat = 1.05,dither=true,coring=false,sse=true ) # YUY2
TemporalDegrain2(degrainTR=2) # in YUY2
Stab() # YV12 only
Stab() # YV12 only
RemoveGrain(mode=2, modeU=2, modeV=2) # YV12 only ????
LSFmod(strength=100, Smode=3, Smethod=2, kernel=11) # YV12 only
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