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Years ago my Uncle had his 8mm film Home Movies transferred to VHS. He did not have any restoration done at the time. Before he past away, I am not sure if he had the Film or the VHS Tapes transferred to DVD. Any way we no longer have the Film copies.

When we view the DVD's some of the scenes have a foggy look to them and some you can hardly see the action.

Is it possible to restore or at least clean up some of the the video clips myself?

I have attached a clip.

Thanks in advance.

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File Type: mp4 1950 -1963 Avery-Stahl Family Videos 2 of 2.mp4 (2.31 MB, 16 downloads)
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More appropriate:
"This topic is about transferring old 8mm/Super 8 films to digital media, but only indirectly : it supposes that the transfer has already happened (in this case, to DVD format), but that it was so badly done as to be painful to look at (especially considering the price paid). This, unfortunately, seems to be a not uncommon occurrence."




A channel on S-VHS / VHS capture and AviSynth restoration https://bit.ly/3mHWbkN
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11-16-2022, 06:31 AM
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Yes this is a common scenario. Even the best scans of 8mm film from 30 years ago were not really faithful to the films. The best technology today is excellent but many scans today still fall well short of the mark. Scanning even 8mm home movies film is difficult, at least to extract everything on them with fidelity. So much hangs on a good original capture. It's a shame many original films were destroyed before a good copy had been made. When so much of the original picture quality never made it to the copy, not a lot can be done to restore that copy.

But this has gone on for over 100 years. Many people threw out their original camera negatives, only keeping the inferior paper print copies.

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11-16-2022, 07:29 AM
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We have a few AVISynth experts here (I'm not one of them!). That will be the process to best get these videos improved.

I would suggest you post another sample at a much higher bitrate, say 6,000kbps or CRF 16, and 720x576 PAL or 720x480 NTSC and see what the experts can do with it. They certainly can be improved. By how much is the $64,000 question!
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11-25-2022, 11:28 AM
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A snipped of the source (the dvd) would be way more useful than an MPEG-4 ASP clip.
About the colors: some AutoWhite (or grayworld) followed by some HDR->SDR filter (i.e. https://github.com/Asd-g/avslibplacebo) helps a bit. Spotless, NCTemporalDenoise help with some of the dirt:

Cu Selur
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