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I have just obtained a JVC SR-MV45 S-VHS/DVD Recorder that was packaged in original box with all original accessories (including remote, manual, and warranty papers). The JVC instruction sheet describing the "LOADING" display message is still taped to the top of the unit. The unit came from a distributor of optical media and duplicating equipment. The manufacture date on the unit is December, 2007. There are no blemishes on the unit; it appears to have never been used.

My question is this: What is the proper procedure to fire up a unit of this age for the first time? Should any maintenance be done on the unit before usage? I am aware of the capacitor issues with this series of JVC DVD Recorders and combo units, so I want to take the proper precautions with applying power for the first time. Power will be run through an APC backup-UPS/surge protector.

Appreciate any recommendations.
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Plug it in a to a UPS, not directly to wall power, not a weenie pathetic "surge" strip. You want to give it stable power, as unstable will cause internal caps to fail.

LOADING is a generic catch-all error message from JVC. It was really lazy and stupid on their part.
When you plug in the unit, it will post. LOADING.
There are actually variations, and the power save setting (on DVD side) can change the post messages, as it comes out of a different state.
WAIT is another.

When LOADING sticks for more than 1 full minute (literally more than 59 seconds), it means ERROR. It's not necessarily the caps, but often is.

"New" now means nothing. Caps age, storage conditions matters. If it was in a non-temp-controlled outdoor storage for the past 15 years, in somewhere like TX or AZ, then the internals are screwed, lube evaporated, belts rotted, caps dried. If it was indoors, decent RH% for years, then perhaps it is fine, though the mechanics may stick from never being used.

Which distributor?

Understanding all this, plug it in, turn it on. See what happens.

For first use of the deck, run a full retails tape, a movie. Use a tape you don't care about, such as a ratty old copy of Home Alone or TMNT. I have fodder tapes for my refurb work, and they get chewed and everything else. I don't care, that's what those are for. Play some, stop, repeat, FF, REW, play again, then let it go. Perhaps do another stop/FF/REW in there. FF and REW while playing, too. These are all tests of the transport and deck mechanics.

Most eBay-sourced decks are junk these days, and ruin the test tapes. At best, those used units sorely need attention, re-grease, realign, etc. It is tedious, and a lot of work. The new units somewhat helps here, maybe, but still may need grease. And alignment drifts due to gravity, it's not immune. You can buy a NOS deck, and it's out of alignment.

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What I would do at a very simple level:

1 - Inspect the unit and power cord for any signs of damage or abuse, dirt, etc.
2 - Open the case carefully and inspect inside for same. Also look for bad belts, dried lub, and deteriorated plastic or rubber.
3 - Correct any issues found to the best of your ability before powering up.
4 - If all looks well, follow the power-up instructions in the manual.
5 - If it powers up OK, connect to a TV and play a tape then a DVD testing all functions you intend to use.

When you go to test a tape and/or DVD in the machine, use only tapes/DVD you can waste in case the unit decides to eat the media. Do not try it with important media until you are satisfied it will not trash them.

6 - During normal use you can determine whether or not additional maintenance/service work is needed.
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12-01-2022, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by dpalomaki View Post
What I would do at a very simple level:
6 - During normal use you can determine whether or not additional maintenance/service work is needed.
Thank you for the good advice. Keep it Simple!
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