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I have recorded a clip from italian analogic tv (PAL system) with a faulty VCR (low cost, not a S-VHS, with mechanical problems I think) and now I have the urgent need to restore the video which is almost incomprehensible!
I have tried with a TvOne-Task 1T-TBC Multi Standard Time Base Corrector from B&H Video and a Terratec Grabster AV400 but the result is not so good.
What type of defect has my recording?
Any suggestion for a possible remedy (hw or sw like a VirtualDub plug-in)?
A clip from the video is attached.


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At first glance this looks like a horizontal jitter issue. That's the official technical term for this unevenness in the picture, the wiggly "clear water" type error. I've long described it as trying to watch a video through a clear puddle that has ripples, thereby distorting the image in uneven and semi-random ways.

But therein lies another issue: semi-random. What I see here looks very uniform. The last time I saw something like this, it was on display, where a tradition TV set's electron gun was misfiring. That can't be the case here, but it looks similar.

The electron gun was misfiring due to a power-related issue (a mini-surge). I almost wonder if there was some sort of electrical error present either when this tape was recorded, or inside the VCR that played it back.

There's no way for this to be fixed in software.

There is a very experimental filter in VirtualDub that doesn't really work well, but it might be able to offer some improvements here. It's called "VHS Sync Restore V2.0" and it's available both at the Deemon archive as well as in our VirtualDub download for restorers. You might as well play with it, see what it does.

This kind of problem needs an internal VCR timebase corrector (TBC), or an external frame synchronizer (or similar filter).

Re-capturing the video is almost required.

For a project like this, I would hunt down either a JVC S-VHS VCR (with DNR+TBC), or a Panasonic AG-1980 -- see the full list of suggested VCRs for transferring VHS to DVD.

Of for the external frame sync, look at a Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVD recorder, DMR-ES15 or DMR-ES20. You don't use these for recording the DVD, just merely pass the single in the unit, and back out -- it's used in "pass-through mode". ---- (NOTE: It's not an official "mode" or anything like that -- nothing of this nature is found on the product, in the menus, or in the manual, so don't go looking for it.) ---- Those links are for NTSC models (North America) at Amazon, but you can find PAL versions of these models, too -- although I do not readily see any -- you'll have to hunt around.

Another possible issue is the capture card -- I don't think that's the case, but I would not rule it out without first testing another device.

Forum member juhok tested and used the 1T-TBC earlier this year and last year, and was not satisfied (that I recall). His examples, explanations, review and other writings can be found in this forum. Search for his past posts, or browse the forum: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/foru...mprove-17.html

Another option is to outsource this one problem tape to a service that specializes in video restoration or forensic media recovery.

Hope that helps.

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