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Originally Posted by chuna25
You wrote
"The first issue is getting the tapes into the hands of somebody that can find the problem.
I can isolate most problems, even if I can't fix everything."
Specsbros have already been suggested. Do you agree, or do you have alternate suggestion(s)?
Thank you
I would also suggest letting this site (where I'm posting this) have a look at your tapes. Consider the video recovery services from The Digital FAQ. The costs for analyzing tapes may be lower the Spec Bros, if nothing else. Service to get them restored may be comparable.

As I had mentioned, knowing what the problem is can sometimes be just as important as getting it fixed.

I've seen Spec Bros ads before in several magazines, they've been in business for many years too, and don't have anything bone-headed written on their site -- so it passes my cursory litmus test. I've not seen any of their work, however. I would not dissuade anybody from using them, but neither would I necessarily suggest it. In fact, some of the information there is very accurate, scientific even, much like this site, and unlike so many hack sites I see out there.

TimelessDVD can probably help with basic issues, too, although they're not advertised as a restoration/recovery service.

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