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05-29-2011, 12:33 AM
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For some strange reason, instead of just printing it on the back, Panasonic encodes the build date into their serial numbers of their pro equipment. The first digit indicates the month with the letters A-L (A=January, B=February, and so on). The second digit represents the last digit of the year the product was built. This is a little tricky because you have to know the general range of when the product was produced. Very few products have a 10 year lifespan in the marketplace so no worries of the serial numbers "rolling over". In the case of the popular AG-1980, the model was introduced in 1996 and produced into at least the end 2001, maybe into 2002.

Why is this information useful? Its handy when purchasing equipment to know the general age and possible exposure to wear and tear over time. Some models may also had bugs worked out over time and revisions made to hardware to work around design flaws.

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06-09-2011, 10:52 AM
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Much appreciated.

For Google and internal search:
- When was my Panasonic S-VHS VCR built?
- What years was my Panasonic AG-1980P / AG-1980 made, manufactured? (or AG-5710, AG-1970, AG-1960). Also NV-FS200, Blaupunkt RTV-950
- What do the serial numbers mean on the Panny S-VHS VCRs?

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