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For deinterlacing I hear that QTGMC is the Best Thing To Come Along Since. . . well, whatever the last Best Thing was.

How does one use him, without having to read 52 pages on Doom9???

p.s. Just joking...Doom9 is great. Let's keep the knowledge here, too, eh?
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12-22-2011, 04:27 PM
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-Download and install AviSynth
-Download the "Plugin Package with all requirements" at the link above and carefully follow the instructions within on where to put the files. One of them has to go into your Windows system folders.
-Download v3.32 of the script from the above page.

Below is a test script to see if everything is working. I haven't tried multithreaded processing yet since I don't have Avisynth-MT installed.

AviSource( "x:\yourfile.avi" ) #Replace with your video file
AssumeTFF() #This line is important as AviSynth usually guesses field order incorrectly! Change to AssumeBFF() if working with bottom-field-first video.
QTGMC( Preset= "Slow" ) #Description of presets can be found on the avisynth wiki
SelectEven() #Needed to keep 29.97/25fps video. Remove if you want 59.94/50fps output
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