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09-21-2012, 07:23 AM
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I'm posting this up for any folks that are interested in doing this, or happen to have professionally recorded video tapes with bars and tone recorded at the beginning that they want to transfer. Its also a good way to see if any of your equipment (TBC, procamp, etc.) is altering your video output before capture. This information likely applies to NTSC users only, but the principals are the same for PAL. There is some overlap in each article, but its all worth a read.

Attached are the following:
An article from the November 1995 issue of "AV Video" entitled "Bars and Stripes Forever": This covers calibration with a waveform monitor and vectorscope.

A reprint of a review of the DPS Personal V-Scope out of "Video Toaster User": This is mostly a hardware review, but basic calibration using the card is covered on the last page.

Instructions from DPS on how to calibrate your monitor and TBCs: This came with the Personal V-Scope card. DPS included a blue gel filter to put over one's eyes to calibrate monitors.

Just remember that bars and tone recordings themselves can be suspect, so always use your eyes and verify your captures!

Attached Files
File Type: pdf VT User Review of Personal V-Scope.pdf (408.6 KB, 44 downloads)
File Type: pdf Use of blue filter.pdf (253.4 KB, 43 downloads)
File Type: pdf Bars and Stripes Forever.pdf (1.88 MB, 48 downloads)
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10-13-2012, 10:39 AM
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Dscaler has a calibration tool built in; just select the test DVD used and it will print out a live display of the error.
I've also made a script for this.
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