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Hi, I've been given a DVD of some old camcorder footage someone shot or various birthday parties and a music gig. I've been asked to edit them and to burn one DVD of the birthday footage and one of the music footage. I was wondering if someone could advise me on the best way to clean these videos up and improve their quality?

I use Sony Veags Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 for editing (I am not a professional obviously) and have read that Virtual Dub and it's filters can work wonders for some videos.

I'm not sure what format the original videos were shot on but I assume it was a DV camera or VHS camcorder of some type as it was the mid-nineties when they were shot, as I said the footage has already been converted to a DVD and that is what I have now and have imported the footage from.

The footage isn't too bad, a little shaky and suffers from the usual problems of a noisy image and poor colours etc you'd expect from an old video tape.

I know that Vegas isn't the best editor for restoring old videos but I like it for purely editing reasons as it's easy enough to use. I understand you can use some of the VDub filters with Vegas but require a 3rd party plugin program, is this right?

I've attached two short video clips to show the footage I'm talking about and its quality. The first video is common of the birthday parties and shot during the day, the second is common of the gig and shot in a dark basement of a club.

Please can you let me know what if anything can be done to the videos and how to go about this/what I'll need. Bear in mind I am a newbie to this type of thing so please be patient if I have questions.

Thanks for any help.

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First, the new computer didn't have Avisynth or VirtualDub installed.
Then I realized that the samples server (cdn4) was still down for maintenance this week, and I need to finish it up this weekend.
So I'm almost there! The new samples are encoded, but I can't put them online for another day or two.

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Ok thanks for letting me know, there's no huge rush.
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