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I am new to this forum, but I've read especially The 'VCR buying guide' and the 'Video Hardware Suggestions; Best VCR's to Convert Tape to Digital', amongst other threads.

Of course I plan to digitize some of my old VHS tapes, and so I bought an Philips VR-1100 via eBay from a refurbisher in the Netherlands, he's somewhere here (I think so) mentioned as good.
The machine for itself works fine, although I am not so satisfied with the results. I hoped for better, cleaner pictures. Some of the tapes are almost 30yrs old, recorded from TV with cheap (not S-) VHS-recorders which aren't available or unknown, so it's possible that I never get a satisfying result with some of them.

Now, my problem is, in this forum, the Philips S-VHS-machines are never mentioned, only the JVCs, Panasonics, etc. and their European rebadges.
My question is, did I completely wrong buying this model ? And further, does it make sense to buy another one, f.i. a JVC 9600, which seems one of the best choices, regarding the opinions of the pro's here ?
Somewhere I've read that the Philips VR1000/1100 are also similar to some JVC's, but not for sure.

I have also bought a Sony CDR-TRV720E Cam for archiving my Video8/Hi8 tapes. This camera has Video/S-VHS in and DV out (firewire), so I think it is additionally useful as a frame-grabber. It also has a TBC, but as I'm waiting for it's arrival, I can't say if the TBC is usable for external sources (probably not).
As a question, I would be happy to know if I thought right about the camera's usage (because it was a little pricy in the bay).

Regards and Thanks

(Please excuse if I did wrong opening a new thread, but the system said I should do this instead of replying to the old Thread 'VCR buying guide')
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The Phillips VR-1000 looks to be a rebadged JVC deck, it should be fine for transfers. Remember that older broadcasts might not be as sharp as newer broadcasts to begin with. Many TV networks were still using 3 tube television cameras 30 years ago! Also some older VCRs recorded a softer picture. This was certainly the case with my circa 1986 Panasonic.
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05-31-2013, 08:10 AM
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yes Phillips are simply re-badged JVC's
there are only a couple good Phillips Models
the VR1000 and the VR1100 are both good and have TBC's.
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05-31-2013, 08:21 AM
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Hui, that was fast !
Thank you for the answers !
Yes I thought first they are good, but since they are only praised high by their sellers, I was in doubt. Does anyone know, which JVC models are their 'daddies' ?
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06-01-2013, 08:56 AM
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I've added it to the VCR suggestions thread.

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