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LifeFlix simplifies this process. It's being reviewed by Apple right now and soon to be available for $19 on the Mac App Store. More info here: http://ow.ly/m7ahV

LifeFlix is simple Mac software for importing video from old MiniDV tapes and saving it to iMovie, iPhoto, YouTube or Facebook.

LifeFlix was started last year because three guys shared one common problem. We all have tons of memories from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s trapped on dozens of MiniDV video tapes. Remember those DV Camcorders in the late 90’s that everybody was so excited about? They got cheaper and cheaper and smaller and smaller and soon we were documenting every event all around us. Weddings, birthdays, parties, trips, etc.

Look Familiar?Look Familiar?

So it turns out it’s a real hassle to import these precious memories, chop them up into short scenes and save them to your computer or upload them to Facebook or YouTube. It's funny, because all three of us guys come from the professional video technology industry. We're well aware of what's available to do this. And, it is possible using some existing solutions on the market. But we wanted something cheap and easy to use and that did not exist. And, since we were Mac guys we wanted it to first be available on the Mac.

So we started designing and developing LifeFlix. We wanted something simple with an elegant interface. In the past year we've gone from concept to a nearly finished version of the software. We've worked with contract designers and software programmers to get to this point. We now have what's called a "Release Candidate" which means we're really close to launching LifeFlix.

Our initial plan is to use Apple's App store for desktop applications. We submitted the software to a Apple in mid-June and hope to be approved and available on the Mac App store by July 1st.

Here's a video showing the software in more detail, including the User Interface:

Soon the world can breathe a collective sigh of relief as millions of precious memories trapped on MiniDV tapes are rescued and preserved forever. However, to cross the finish line we need to pay engineers and graphic designers.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The biggest risk, which is also the biggest challenge, is finishing a software project. Software projects are sort of like home remodel projects - they are easy to start and you see lots of progress early on. However, as it gets down to the little details it become more complicated just as everyone is also getting burned out on the project. The biggest risk/challenge is always that last 5% of the project - actually finishing what you set out to accomplish. As the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886–1969) said, "the devil is in the details"!


The LifeFlix Team
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Originally Posted by robertsharp View Post
LifeFlix simplifies this process. It's being reviewed by Apple right now and soon to be available for $19 on the Mac App Store. More info here: http://ow.ly/m7ahV
They're trying to make the batch capture process simpler for the non-professional, at least that's what I got from their video. I certainly wouldn't pay for it.
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06-19-2013, 07:12 PM
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1. That's not repair, restore, etc.

2. Transferring DV is no more or less of a hassle with this software. It's just another software. You still have to plug in the camera and overcome computer issues (drivers, CPU speed, etc).

3. It's only hard to use iMovie, Final Cut Express, etc if you're stupid. They show little kids using it. That software is dumbed down that a monkey might be able to do it. It's not like it a full-blown NLE. This software is more of the same. You can get Chinaware all over that Internet for about $30 average.

4. Facebook and Youtube also convert everything for you now, if you don't know how. The only limiting factor is still bandwidth, aka your upload speed.

5. You're nothing more than a spammer, as you joined this forum only to pimp your crap, and you did so in a totally unrelated conversation. (I moved these two posts to a new thread.)

6. The spider web on the DV tape is really stupid, and has nothing to do with anything.

7. I highly doubt it'll get $10k on Kickstarter, and it's not even worth a fraction of that. It appears to build on a number of freeware tools at first glance. That won't earn much respect in the online video communities. This appears to be a money grab, and nothing more. This is going to be another flop, I'd bet. I've seen a lot of junkware making big stupid promises in my day, and this looks like another.

8. Not to mention DV is dead, and has been for many years. Talk about being late to the party!

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