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Hi there,

Apologies for the unsolicited message but I hear you're extremely knowledgeable.

I have a thread here:


in which someone has suggested I ask you for some advice on the matter of TBC / stabilising.

I've been advised to maybe get hold of a panasonic ES10 or ES15, which at least in the US has built in TBC.

However, I'm in Australia. I'm looking at this:


but have no idea if this iteration of the product has the same TBC capability. The seller has no idea and panasonic don't produce them anymore.... any thoughts?

I would appreciate any advice you have. I basically just want to be able to transfer everything on my VHS tapes continuously instead of having my convertor censor the bits it considers "unstable". I've played through on my TV and it's all fine, a few lines and glitches here an there, but better than a conversion which is riddles with cuts thanks to my ADVC100.

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The ES10 mostly helps with "tearing". I'm not seeing that symptom in your VH thread.

I'd posted there some months ago:
- http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/3...=1#post2320834
- http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/3...=1#post2322205
- etc

As usual, that thread seems to have gotten derailed from the original topic.

Honestly, a good S-VHS JVC/Panasonic VCR with a good external TBC does what you want: " I basically just want to be able to transfer everything on my VHS tapes continuously instead of having my convertor censor the bits it considers "unstable"."

Curious what you did on this.

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