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09-03-2016, 07:58 AM
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I transferred an unknown generation video from a Maxell E180 PAL tape on my Philips VR1000 (TBC enabled), through DataVideo TBC-1000, to ATI AIW 9600XT & HuffyUV. The first program on the video has severe horizontal red and green lines when red or green lighting is used during songs. Other than cropping overscan junk and encoding as H.264 normal preset in Handbrake, I've done nothing to the below sample.


Another transfer of this video exists, without the red and green lines, but it is very low-res and has horrible audio quality. You can stream it here for comparison: https://www.depechemode-live.com/wik..._Else/Source_2

The first 45 seconds or so of the tape are messed up, and there are some occasional dropouts throughout the tape. I'm assuming the red and green lines, etc are just due to a poor tape copy and mediocre tape (?) used. The next program on this tape does not exhibit this issue. A different tape I received from the same person also has a very similar for the first program on that tape.

I tried turning off my VCR's TBC, but that introduced a lot of chroma noise and a lot of banding was still there; it was not as pronounced, though. The video gained a reddish hue and was more blurry overall.

Can anything be done about the red/green lines, or should I try to track down a better VHS copy of this particular video? I guess even the existing low-res transfer looks less noisier overall. Maybe my copy is just too high-generation.
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09-04-2016, 03:04 AM
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you can try this with avisynth:
U = UtoY().RemoveSpotsMC().dfttest (sigma=4, sigma2=4, tbsize=5).RemoveDirtMC
V = VtoY().RemoveSpotsMC().dfttest (sigma=4, sigma2=4, tbsize=5).RemoveDirtMC
YtoUV(U, V, last)
LoadVirtualDubPlugin("C:\Camcorder_Color_Denoise_sse2.vdf", "CCD", 0)
CCD(10,1) # << increase the strengh if necessary ( from 0 to 100, default: 30)
Or also:

# i suggest you use CCD filter aswell, right after
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