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03-07-2018, 11:27 AM
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I would like to stabilize an interlaced video in this way: I want to avoid the single fields shifted up or down, probabily due to tracking problems in the vcr.

My idea is this:
I separate the fields first, and then if a frame shifted UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT has an average difference from the previous two frames and the next two frames always lesser than the difference of the actual frame and the previous/next frames, then the frame has to be shifted in that direction by one pixel. And I would go recursive to have a radius of possible movement.

I created this function and I cannot tell what's happening. Sometimes it working (but only if the radius is 1), sometimes gives an error, sometimes makes virtualdub crash, and sometimes shifts the frame in the wrong direction when the radius is greater than one.
I'm getting mad about this!

I believe that is a variable scope problem (?) but i'm not sure about this.

Could you help me to spot the problem in my code please?

VIDEO1 = avisource("F:\DEVCR1_3 (piccol).AVI").assumeTFF().killaudio()
video = VIDEO1.SeparateFields()

function removeTrackingSpikes(clip source, int radius){
newvideo = pointresize(source, source.width,source.height*2).converttoyv12()

olddifferenceplus1 = Overlay(newvideo, trim(newvideo,1,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
olddifferenceplus2 = Overlay(newvideo, trim(newvideo,2,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
olddifferenceminus1 = Overlay(newvideo, trim(newvideo,0,1)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
olddifferenceminus2 = Overlay(newvideo, trim(newvideo,0,2)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()

verticalminus1 = pointresize(newvideo, newvideo.width, newvideo.height, 0, -2)
newdifferenceplusb1 = Overlay(verticalminus1, trim(newvideo,1,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceplusb2 = Overlay(verticalminus1, trim(newvideo,2,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceminusb1 = Overlay(verticalminus1, trim(newvideo,0,1)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceminusb2 = Overlay(verticalminus1, trim(newvideo,0,2)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
newvideo = conditionalfilter(newvideo, verticalminus1, newvideo, "newdifferenceplusb1.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceplus1.averageLuma() && newdifferenceplusb2.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceplus2.averageLuma() && newdifferenceminusb1.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceminus1.averageLuma() && newdifferenceminusb2.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceminus2.averageLuma()", "equals", "true")

verticalplus1 = pointresize(newvideo, newvideo.width, newvideo.height, 0, 2)
newdifferenceplusb1 = Overlay(verticalplus1, trim(newvideo,1,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceplusb2 = Overlay(verticalplus1, trim(newvideo,2,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceminusb1 = Overlay(verticalplus1, trim(newvideo,0,1)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceminusb2 = Overlay(verticalplus1, trim(newvideo,0,2)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
newvideo = conditionalfilter(newvideo, verticalplus1, newvideo, "newdifferenceplusb1.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceplus1.averageLuma() && newdifferenceplusb2.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceplus2.averageLuma() && newdifferenceminusb1.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceminus1.averageLuma() && newdifferenceminusb2.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceminus2.averageLuma()", "equals", "true")

horizontalminus1 = pointresize(newvideo, newvideo.width, newvideo.height, -2, 0)
newdifferenceplusc1 = Overlay(horizontalminus1, trim(newvideo,1,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceplusc2 = Overlay(horizontalminus1, trim(newvideo,2,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceminusc1 = Overlay(horizontalminus1, trim(newvideo,0,1)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceminusc2 = Overlay(horizontalminus1, trim(newvideo,0,2)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
newvideo = conditionalfilter(newvideo, horizontalminus1, newvideo, "newdifferenceplusc1.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceplus1.averageLuma() && newdifferenceplusc2.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceplus2.averageLuma() && newdifferenceminusc1.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceminus1.averageLuma() && newdifferenceminusc2.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceminus2.averageLuma()", "equals", "true")

horizontalplus1 = pointresize(newvideo, newvideo.width, newvideo.height, 2, 0)
newdifferenceplusd1 = Overlay(horizontalplus1, trim(newvideo,1,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceplusd2 = Overlay(horizontalplus1, trim(newvideo,2,0), mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceminusd1 = Overlay(horizontalplus1, trim(newvideo,0,1)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
newdifferenceminusd2 = Overlay(horizontalplus1, trim(newvideo,0,2)+newvideo, mode="subtract").grayscale()
newvideo = conditionalfilter(newvideo, horizontalplus1, newvideo, "newdifferenceplusd1.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceplus1.averageLuma() && newdifferenceplusd2.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceplus2.averageLuma() && newdifferenceminusd1.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceminus1.averageLuma() && newdifferenceminusd2.averageLuma()+0.5 < olddifferenceminus2.averageLuma()", "equals", "true")

newvideo = newvideo.converttoyuy2().pointresize(newvideo.width,newvideo.height/2)

return (radius == 1) ? newvideo :  removeTrackingSpikes(newvideo, radius-1)
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