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Hi there

I have been trying to restore this PAL DVD source that I'd like to hopefully edit a video together with (I have most edited together but would like to clean them up before rendering).

I have a thread on D9 and the VH forums but it was for Avisynth. I'm attempting to use VapourSynth now but am running into some issues with IFeelBloated's modules that require no chroma subsampling (which the DVD has, I believe).

I'd like to try to hopefully cleanup the artifacts caused by the compression/conversion as well as sharpen/upscale it. From what I can see it has terrible mpeg2 blocking, mosquito noise mixed with film grain, occasional combing, possibly from a bad transfer as well as edges having a bit of ringing.

I believe the source is Film since every few frames you see white spots and some scratches/dust (plus a lot of grain mixed in with the mpeg2 compression). Although on the DVD it's mixed with digital material and the source file is interlaced TFF.

With Avisynth, I had tried QTGMC, using the different input types but all would blend motion causing mouth movement to look interpolated. TemporalDegrain2 (recently released) did a good job at removing the grain/mosquito noise and not sacrificing much of the detail but it didn't remove the "scan lines?" that occurred every few frames.

I'm attempting to use VapourSynth now since it seems to have better tools for removing halos (hopefully with the Vine filter) than Avisynth. I couldn't remove the halo's using a few tools in AVS.

I've attached a sample m2v file of part of the video from the DVD. This is the only source I can find of this material so it's all I have to work with. Do you guys have any recommendations on filters? Thanks

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I discovered that the source was sped up from 23.976 to 25fps during the telecine processed and then that was how it was shown live and recorded. The audience watched it sped up which I found interesting. I abandoned VapourSynth and am using Avisynth only now. This is my current script that I'm using in case anyone else also tries to work with a PAL DVD

video=mpeg2source("VIDEO_TS\VTS_03_1.d2v", cpu=0, info=3)
audio=FFAudioSource("VIDEO_TS\VTS_03_1 T80 2_0ch 192Kbps DELAY 1000ms.ac3").DelayAudio(1)
assumefps(23.976, sync_audio=True)
ConvertToYV12(matrix="Rec601", interlaced=false)
ConvertToYV12(matrix="Rec709", interlaced=false)
ConvertToRGB(matrix="Rec709", interlaced=false)
GamMac(LockChan=1, Scale=0,RedMul=1,BluMul=1,GrnMul=1, Show=false)
ConvertToYV12(matrix="Rec709", interlaced=false)
FineDehalo(rx=3.0, ry=3.0, thmi=30, thma=100, contra=1)
nnedi3_rpow2(cshift="Spline64ResizeMT", rfactor=2, nsize=4, nns=4, qual=1, etype=0, pscrn=2, threads=0, csresize=true, mpeg2=true, threads_rs=0, logicalCores_rs=true, MaxPhysCore_rs=true, SetAffinity_rs=false, opt=3)
I haven't been able to figure out the aspect ratio, color, or sharpness yet though. Sharpening without halos or ringing has been difficult. The color with autogain and autowhite seems to change throughout the shot because of objects going out of frame.
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