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hi, i see alot on the net about in2tv and other websites that have tv shows. can eps be downloaded from these sites? if so, i know you would need dsl or cable etc instead of dialup. just wondered. lmk. thanks
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07-04-2006, 05:48 AM
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I am now sure about in2tv because it requires an authentication of sorts. You could try something like hi-net recorder or other "streaming" capture programs and would have to find what the actual url of the streaming episode is before you could attempt to save it but its not the same as embedded video which would just be found in the source code.

Unless you were playing it on a PDA/PSP/Ipod or the computer it would not be worth it because they are encoded ridiculously low so the quality would never transfer over to a TV decently.

But regardless you would prefer to have a fast connection, while I think in2tv has a 56k setting to stream it will be even lower quality then the "high/fast" setting

I guess it all depends on what you wanted to do with it before you invested the time to figure out how to save the stream.
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