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this is my first post on here after reading through loads of other threads, there's a wealth of knowledge here and you are all extremely helpful, so thank you.

I make a lot of graphics on after effects and record them onto VHS, so I can re-capture them. I'm new to the analogue hardware game and am working with a very basic set up right now, consisting of an LG VCR with no TBC and an intensity shuttle (usb 3.0). This worked fine, until I started re-recording the graphics over and over, to degrade the quality more (I'm trying to achieve an old tape effect). I found that the intensity shuttle would struggle to hold a signal and the capture would be mostly black.

I did a bit of research and very hastily bought a genlock(or what i assumed was a genlock) from eBay, for 70, to no avail.

My Question is. Is there a cost effective piece/pieces of equipment that I could add to the chain, or replace one of the items i'm using now, that would help me capture tapes that are purposefully degraded? I'd like to experiment with up scaling in the future also as it would help if i could deliver HD graphics in this style, but I'm taking baby steps as this is all new learning for me.

If anyone has any information/reading material, that could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!
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You must have a frame TBC added in. Anything else would improve quality, and you don't want that here. The frame TBC rebuilds the signal, and image corrections are minimal.

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