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I'm planning on capturing 20 PAL VHS-C tapes of home videos using the following equipment:
  • External TBC: Datavideo TBC-1000
  • VCR: Panasonic NV-HD600 (K-mechanism VCR, no inline TBC)
  • Tape adapter: VW-GTE7E (Maplin purchase from years ago, see image)
  • Capture device: Canopus ADVC-110 Analogue/DV Converter
  • Computer/Software: iMac 2009, iMovie 9.0.9 for DV capture, MPEG Streamclip for trimming DV video once captured and Handbrake for final encoding to H264 for sharing

Firstly any red flags in the above for PAL capture?
How much benefit would an inline TBC capable VCR have on output quality? I'm struggling to find video samples of with/without to see if it's worth buying such a VCR.
Finally is MPEG Streamclip's trimming lossless (ie. does it re-encode the DV video on trimming)?

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TBC-1000 model is a good framesync TBC.
Note: Exact unit can be good or bad -- beware of random eBay sellers!

Frame/framesync TBC is required for stability of the signal. Not image quality, but signal/invisible quality. Bad signal = bad or no capture, beyond VCR output quality.

No opinion on VCR, but lacking line TBC isn't a good sign. ES10/15 must be added, at minimum, if not upgrading to better VCR with line/field TBC (JVC, Panasonic, rebadges, few others).

Tape adapter is fine, rebadged Matsushita (aka JVC C-P7U type).

Canopus DV not suggested, but for PAL is acceptable. You do lose color quality, 4:2:0 vs. 4:2:2 (lossless capturing). But it's comparable to DVD loss, not as bad as NTSC DV 4:1:1 color destruction.

Ah, Mac. Yes, DV one of the few options. A few ATI 600 USB clones can do uncompressed, but Mac does have many good capture options.

Ditch Handbrake. It has so many issues. Although discontinued in recent past, Hybrid has a superior Mac version. Handbrake makes many bad choices, has lots of inferior filters for NR and deinterlacing.

I don't believe MPEG Streamclip is lossless for non-MPEG, and not even sure if DV can be used with it. DV editing is generally done with other tools like FCP.

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