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10-05-2022, 01:17 PM
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Does anyone have recommendations for local transfer services in Los Angeles? I know LA is pretty big, but for a serious job I am willing to make the drive.

I called around a few places on Google Maps and asked questions (based on some information from this forum) and it seems most transfer houses are using a basic VHS-DVD recorder. I have reached out to some archival companies that do work for NASA, Disney, Warner Bros, etc. and even though they have expensive equipment for archiving 35mm footage it doesn't seem like they are using setups anything close to what is recommended here for doing VHS. One place even said that TBCs introduce more problems than correct so they do not use one. If anyone knows of a local place that is reputable, I would love to hear from you.

My current setup is pretty non-ideal. I am using a Toshiba D-VR4SU VHS/DVD combo > Sony DCR-TRV480 cam corder > FireWire PCIe card (with TI chip) > WinDV. It has been good enough for me to evaluate and sort my tapes (and some basic captures to show the family) but I'd like to find someone to do it right.

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