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Hi there,

So far, I have been living in yolo mode, plugging TBC, VCR,etc without UPS. I use a step-down converter anyway for my VCR (NTSC 110V VCR in EU) and I plug the TBC there as well instead of directly into the power outlet.

But now, I am thinking of adding a UPS to my workflow to protect the TBC. Any (cheap-good value ) recommendations? Ideally, a product that is not bulky and/or available on Amazon, reichelt, or any other brands known in Europe.

Is the step-down convertor enough protection for the VCR, or should I chain it in the UPS as well?

Current candidates:
- Eaton 3S 550
- SALI 662AF000001 UPS, 500 VA / 240 W
- FSP NANOFIT 600 USV, 600 VA / 360 W


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