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I have a Philips VR 1000 which is a PAL SVHS VCR. It seems to be a re-brand of a JVC model but I do not know exactly which.

I bought a JVC "Multi Brand Remote Control Unit", part number JVM003BD, which works great with my JVC HR-S7600U (NTSC). But regardless of the remote setting (VCR, Cable, or TV, and A or B), the Philips VCR does not receive any input.

Does anybody know of a compatible remote part number for JVC PAL VCRs? The Philips VCR does not have any menu buttons on the unit itself unlike the NTSC JVC, so a remote is important to be able to properly operate it.
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At least with the Philips VR1100 I have JVC remotes don't work, you need an actual Philips remote (I doubt a US model philips magnavox remote would work either but not gonna say for certain) or a universal remote with philips remote codes. The VR1000 is roughly similar to the HR-S7600E_ models. These ones I use myself and work great i codes for most VCRs, you can find them on ebay for like €20/$20 so is an option if you can't find the original or if it's a bit costly.

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