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Which would net better quality results of copying vhs to dvd for typical vhs cleanup, ie. ep/slp mode tapes/chroma noise (typical vhs problems)?

Good quality playback vcr (proconsumer type) w/AVT-8710 using s-video to dvd recorder.

Or JVC vcr w/TBC/NR using s-video to dvd recorder.

I am thinking someone has tried this, my funds will only permit my going in one direction or the other for now.

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Just now getting to this post. I think we've already addressed this in another thread, from related conversation. See http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/show...07um-1979.html

Originally Posted by cyber-junkie View Post
Still reading, reading and reading and trying to decide

Out of probably 50 vhs tapes maybe 7 might have some form of macrovision the rest are football games, tv movies/specials, home movies, the #1 error/enhancement that need to be cleaned up is the soft/blurry picture recorded in ep mode, chroma noise would be #2 and not as bad.

So my choices as I see this is...

1) Play vhs on my 19 micron, 6 head (on front of vcr) HR-S8007UM which does play nice so it must be NTSC, purchase a AVT 8710, (~$230) use s-video 4 prong and copy to dvd.

2) Purchase a JVC w/TBC (~$150) play vhs and use composite A/V to my vidicraft enhancer/detailer (maybe purchase vidicraft proc/amp ~$50 IF I need this with the detailer?) and copy to dvd.

Which would you choose?
Originally Posted by admin View Post
1. This sounds fine. TBC from http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...3167/KBID/4166

2. The picture quality may be better on some of the tapes (or maybe not!?)...
.... but without a full external TBC, you may run into problems where you can't transfer.

I think #1 is the only real choice here.

I have a new SR-V10U + JVC DR-M100 setup that I can't use yet, because I still don't have a TBC for it. Sure, picture is nice, great DVD recorder, but there is false anti-copy detected, and the video won't copy. The S-VHS-ET tapes that I tested on the setup won't play with just a "Macrovision remover" in the chain either, there are sync errors on the tapes (real signal errors) -- it's needs the full-frame external TBC/frame sync (AVT-8710). It's just not in the budget, however -- must wait a little longer.

I have $400+ in equipment collecting dust, until the TBC can be bought. Don't put yourself in that position.
While the high-end JVC VCR may give better quality -- the best quality -- but the ability to capture the signal may have to take preference here.

I think you'll be fine with the JVC HR-S8007UM you bought, plus the new AVT-8710 timebase corrector.

If you're using a really good DVD recorder, then you'll potentially clean up some there too, making the high-end S-VHS DVD recorder slightly less important. Slightly.

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