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I plan on getting a capture card for my computer but I need to figure out some things regarding storing AVI on hard drive.
I searched the web and this site and didn't find specific info I am looking for although I may have overlooked where you went into detail about this.
Since I only have one internal hard drive and after reading posts that it will be better to have a second hard drive to store what it being captured.
My computer has the Vista 64, intel i7 processor, GTX260 video card, Asus P6T motherboard, 6 GB memory, midtower.
I have at least 2 internal sata(7pin?)connections, may have other connectors but I am sure of those 2.
External, I have one esata, plenty of USBs and a firewire.
So here are my questions.
Will an External USB hard drive do for video capture, if not, will the esata do the job?
I realize an internal drive would be a little cheaper but since I am not skilled at getting one installed,
I thought I would save myself the trouble of poking around in there.
I see some external models that have both USB and esata connections.
I'd like you input on this, I might could swing putting in an internal HD although that would be new territory for me, I have installed a PCI card but figure anyone can do that.
If you have one(s) linked where this site gets a cut of the money, so much the better.
One site I viewed mentioned not getting an external HD that needed a separate power source, not sure why.
For the video capture card, I am considering the ATI 600.
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No, you can't use external USB -- it's too slow.
At best, maybe an eSATA drive would work. But an internal drive is always the best option, be it IDE or SATA.

Adding a hard drive is more or less idiot-proof with modern computer cases. As long as there is room in the case (it's not some tiny slimline or micro case), then it should be obvious where a new drive goes. They've made computer building so easy that it's closer to kindergarten exercises (round peg in round hole, square peg in square hole) than the techie endeavor it once was. It's all plug and play now, no jumpers to mess with, etc. Checking email is harder to do. I have more trouble operating my stove.

These are the stores I generally suggest and use myself for good hard drive deals (in preference order):
  1. Amazon
  2. Geeks.com
  3. TigerDirect
  4. Buy.com
  5. Newegg
Anything made by Seagate, Western Digital or Hitachi, in the 1TB range, tends to be fine. Assuming SATA, you're looking at spending $75 at most for an internal drive. I personally prefer Seagate drives, but will buy the Hitachi when on sale for substantial savings over the Seagate options. Western Digital drives don't tend to be in the same price range, and are no better quality-wise. If anything, WD drives can be noisier.

Here's a Seagate 1TB for $70 shipped: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...SIN=B00272NHOK
Here's a Seagate 1.5TB for $85 shipped: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...SIN=B00066IJPQ
Another $15 for another 500GB is worth it, in my book.

You'll need a SATA cable for $4: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...SIN=B0001Y8UI4

I don't really see any better deals at the other stores right now. And Amazon is the best place to deal with anyway.

Internal hard drives use the power supply in the computer. External ones do not have that hookup option, and must have power supplies by dedicated electric plug. Some small drives leech power from the USB2 ports, but even that can be an issue. Not all computers supply adequate power through USB rails. I have problems with several systems here, when given USB-powered drives.

If you have one(s) linked where this site gets a cut of the money, so much the better.
Thank you very much for that.

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