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I've been trying to learn more of the ins and outs of codecs and how they work. I'm specifically looking at a couple of issues:
  • My film scanner exports as 32-bit RGBA AVI. Am I losing any data that I may want to retain when I export the files to 4:2:2 HuffyUV?
  • I'm wanting to experiment with and learn the free version of DaVinci Resolve. It (currently) doesn't recognize HuffyUV; the closest 4:2:2 analog I can use seems to be ProRes. A poster on their board said that with the quality slider set to 4, it loses something like 0.4% of the image data. However, its (DaVinci's) export and rendering may be better than the VideoStudio package I've been using, so what I lose on the turns I may get back on the shys.
  • I was told that I can uncompress my HuffyUV VHS captures to v210 10-bit 4:2:2, which Resolve recognizes. This is do-able, but it (easily) doubles the sizes of the already large capture files.
  • Cineform is also available as an alternative to ProRes on Resolve. How do the two codecs compare?

I do understand that when you're working with legacy VHS that 4:2:2 is probably all the image info that the source format can support. And since my other media source is 8mm silent film with its tiny image area, I'm loathe to lose any more quality during processing than I absolutely have to. But I would like to at least experiment with a real, professional editing program. Adobe Premiere is out, as it is no longer available for outright purchase and I've seen too many software companies go to that archive in the sky over the past 40+ years to be comfortable with a productivity package which demands a regular subscription payment if I want to keep access to my own files! VideoStudio has been OK...you certainly can't beat it for the price...but it has shortcomings and stability issues. Resolve looks to be intriguing; it has a limited free version; and the price of the full studio version has dropped to $299, which is within my means once I find a full-time job again.

So I'd appreciate any advice which would help me gain a better understanding of the tradeoffs involved with these different video codecs. Thanks in advance.
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