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I received ATI MMC for my AIW 8500DV card, which came complete NOS in the original box, but my X1800 card was an eBay special with just the bare card and the drivers disc. Fortunately I found a replacement for the VIVO cable at s-video.com and now it's working fine under VirtualDub. But it doesn't have MMC, and I thought I'd do some testing. Will the MMC for the 8500DV work with the X1800, or do I need to find a hardware-specific version of the software? Is it archived somewhere on this site and, if so, where?
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Originally Posted by ehbowen View Post
Will the MMC for the 8500DV work with the X1800
The 7500, 8500, and 9000-series cards used up to ATI MMC 9.0x
The PCIe X cards only use 9.1x.
Those are hardware locked.

I have the x1800 original disc, can upload a copy ... when i find it. I can upload all my discs, but none have identifying info on what card they came with. Just a serial code and a release date.

I do, however, have all the ATI MMC 9.1x release packages, separate from the discs. I can reply again later, attach to this thread.

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My card came with the "Catalyst Control Center", but not MMC. If there's any way to use it to capture or directly view the incoming video stream, I can't find it. Thanks for your help.
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Note: MMC is not needed if you plan on capturing with VirtualDub, just the capture drivers. MMC 9.x came with my X800XT card for TV/video duties. Catalyst Control Center is part of the driver package and has nothing to do with video capture. One unadvertised feature of the PCIe cards is that they can capture audio directly like a modern capture card, no need for a sound card loopback!
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If it helps any:

My ATI XL1800 XL (two "XL"s in the name) is sitting in my hands.

The Collateral kit has three discs, here are their label versions:

1. ATI Catalyst, 100 + DVD, 180-V01108-100, Copyright 2004, Made in USA
2. Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0, Windows XP, 100, 180-V01112-100, Made in USA
3. Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0, Windows XP, 100, 187-000009-100, Made in USA

The Adobe discs seem to have a very OCR unfriendly keycode sticker on each outer disc envelope. I've never installed them so I don't know if they are required for installation.

The User's Guide says Copyright 2005

I believe the "Catalyst" branding refers to the "driver installation" plus the control panel and driver management applets used after installation. They are usually front ended by a Java"esque" Flash animated installer program ovelaying an Installshield installer underneath.

The same driver disk would usually include either MMC or the stripped down but customized PowerDVD desktop application suite.

Then the extra disks would contain the alternative "mainstream" applications bundled with the specific card. Some cards came with a free game like Half-Life or Elderscrolls to demo the advanced gaming potential of the Radeon 'R' based GPU. the boxes all had snazzly circular 'Wheel Cover or Hub Cap' images that looks suprisingly like some of the elaborate GPU "fans" included on the Chinese versions of the same cards. Reminds me of Mach Go Go Go.. Speed Racer style. -- the PCIe cards however got the GPU "hair dryer" style coolers.. and the boxes seem to drop the "Go Speed Racer" style Radeon logo after that.

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