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03-23-2019, 07:14 AM
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Greetings, I've been reading around for quite awhile.

I'm preparing to archive in the highest quality possible, about 150+ home VHS tapes. I had already captured a couple tapes with a Canopus ADVC110 but the more reading I did about it and alternative options, the more convinced I became I needed to swap it. I considered an ATI USB 600, but I read the cards yield slighty better picture.

I bought this ATI AIW 2006 (PCIE) primarily for the dongle it comes with, which I believe is required for connecting PCIE AIW cards to this Purple Breakout box. I assume the dongle is compatible with other AIW PCIE cards.

Is the ATI AIW 2006 excellent for this task (as far as quality/quirks), or would I be better off acquiring either of the following:

ATI AIW X1900 (PCIE) $35

I know AGP is preferred, but that would take more time to acquire components and test hardware. Additionally, I recall reading that the PCIE cards can capture audio directly through the card. If it can't (or the quality is atrocious) I can either capture via onboard, or I'd need to acquire a PCIE audio card.

My planned workflow is:

1. JVC HRS9500 with Digital TBC/NR ON via S-Video out
2. TBC device (I don't have one yet)
3. ATI AIW 2006 (PCIE)
4. VirtualDub (HuffYUV)

Computer Specifications:

Motherboard: ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3
CPU: Intel i5 2500k (Sandybridge)

I plan on installing Windows XP SP2, unless SP3 would be preferred. Presuming I don't have any issues, will the aforementioned components yield desired quality? Lastly, are there any additional considerations or devices I should acquire? (Either for convenience, prevention, or general maintenance.)

Thank you for your time.

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03-23-2019, 10:20 AM
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The 2006 should be fine for lossless AVI capturing.

The audio on the ATI card is pretty lousy, don't use it. Stick to routing it through a quality sound card, like the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.

Your workflow is good:
VCR+TBC svideo > external TBC > ATI AIW Huffyuv capture via VirtualDub

SP3 is just SP2 with "security" junk that needs to be disabled. The only reason I ever had to install SP3 on a capture deck was because I really wanted a now-old version of Photoshop/Premiere on it, and SP3 was required. Aside from that 1 rare use case, SP3 was useless.

Keep the system offline.
Clean OS install, yes?
Disable unneeded tasks/services that may cause dropped frames.

Extra advice? Calibrate a good IPS monitor, use good speakers. Don't have so many fans that your computer is a wind tunnel, and you can't hear the audio clearly.

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03-23-2019, 02:19 PM
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A couple of tips about your motherboard. USB 3.0 port can be used with Macrium Reflect on a "Fast" SSD/USB Flash stick like this Corsair to backup and restore the entire OS drive in a very small number of minutes.

Backup and Restore is under valued for recovering to a "known" good state of your hardware and device drivers, and or the applications installed. The System Restore feature only handles a small subset of the "known to Microsoft" device drivers and branches of the registry.. (not) the entire system.. System Restore (will fail) to restore a system to an actually usable ATI AIW system.

I can't count the number of times that I didn't backup to tape, or make a mirrored hard drive.. just because it would take so long.. but bare metal image recovery with "Macrium Reflect Free" is simple and fast. You install it, download the Macrium bootable media stuff ~ 600 MB, and format that USB stick with the recovery media. Then boot off that stick and run the tool to (image) your hard drive.. and store it to the stick. SSD flash drives have a complete hard drive controller on the USB connection.. so they are immensely faster than "dumb" flash, they are first class hard drives on a stick. Once you have that image do whatever.. make a blunder.. then restore from that bootable stick to exactly the way your system was a few hours before.

Backup images are "used sector only" so regardless of how large the system drive is.. you'll have lots of space left over to take another and another.. version them by date and time, and some clever note about why you made them.. [02-20-2019 Before Trying Driver XX].

Undoing things once you've installed a driver, or blown away a sound card driver. swapped video cards.. is near impossible.. no.. (it is impossible). Microsoft uninstall was designed for "Microsoft products" for use by "Microsoft products".. it doesn't watch what a Third Party application or driver does when its installing.. uninstallers are written by the software vendor as a poor after thought at the tail end of a project.. with no testing.. don't trust them.. (ever).

Bonus tips

1. Don't even think you won't need to restore to your earliest image, trust me.. it will just happen. Restoring with Reflect is a whole lot faster than taking hours, and then reactivating.. we are talking on average 3-5 minutes and your back up and running versus 1.5-2 hours.. and you don't even know (if) you did everything the same "way" and didn't make a mistake. Writing it all down is impossible.. eliminating human error is impossible. get it right once, and backstop.. ratchet yourself forwards. Build on your successes.

2. Don't even think about a cheaper silly, flimsy USB stick.. the slow ones.. will be intolerable.. your motherboard has USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, learn them.. use only the USB 3.0 ports.. make sure your using them at USB 3.0 speed.. check the BIOS and don't run them in compatible or USB 2.0 emulation mode. Make sure when you make your Macrium Reflect bootable stick.. you have the USB 3.0 drivers installed.. (if you don't) your stick will boot at USB 2.0 speeds. Always use the same USB 3.0 port for booting.. don't stick it at the end of a USB cable, or USB hub.. and usually the one your want to use is on the back of the motherboard not on the front of the chassis. The solid "metal" case of the Corsair is worth it.. it dissipates heat and its guaranteed for 5 years.. unheard of in flash land.

3. USB 3.0 ports will "Blue Screen" your system if you jerk a connection out of the port without using the systray applet.. and even then it might. USB 3.0 is ultra-high-speed but USB 3.0 speed under XP was fringe tech.. from within or while your in XP.. the USB 2.0 ports are safer to use.. stay away from the USB 3.0 ports and only use those as a last resort, or for making the macrium bootable usb disk.

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