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A member here recently wrote me an email, concerned over the time limit on editing posts. I went ahead and moved it from 5 minutes to a full hour. After that, posts are locked!

His concern was based on typos, spelling and grammar issues.

Hello because my grammer is horrible I need more time to edit my posts. I know you said u gave me a hour to edit them, however ...
.... and the rest of it isn't important. I just want to focus on the typo issue.

Typos are good.

What, you say?! NO WAY! ... but alas, typos are good.

I do my best to spell properly at all times on the site. It makes it as professional as can be.

But when somebody misspells something in a Google search, I lose out on that traffic. By having some site members that are a little more typo-prone (or even uneducated, if that be the case), it actually helps the site in the long run.

I know, it sounds crazy. But the web is that way sometimes.

There is an entire industry out there, where people buy misspelled domain names or create sites that are littered with mistakes -- all in the hopes that you'll go to their site and either view or click on one of the ads. Those sites are ad traps. For example, typing in Goggle.com instead of Google.com, takes you to a site with ads. The site exists for nothing else.

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