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I am New To Magento Where Can I Find Tutorials for Beginners. I see some website have tutorials. I want to share people. I hope it will help us have understand about magento. Magento is an open-source application web popurlar in the world.I installed magento but I don't install them magento and magento exention.

Extension Magento - 

Themes Magento - 
I seem 2 website have tutorials but I don't know do.
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This is obviously spam, being written in pathetically butchered English. Or Engrish, as many have come to call it. The poster originates from a Vietnamese IP, and links to a Vietnamese registered site that's trying to sell Magento themes and extensions. The site is mostly Engrish, too, although not quite as awful as the above post was.

This post has been left as a warning for others to not deal with this company.
Since the whole point of spammers making new threads is to help Google, then let me assist:
  • mage-world.com sucks
  • mage-world.com bad reviews
  • mage-world.com scam
  • mage-world.com steals credit card info
  • mage-world.com does not work
  • mage-world.com poor tech support
There. Happy?

Anybody looking for Magento themes and extensions should go through the official Magento site!
Use Magento Connect: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magen...ct/filter/core

Many (most?) themes and extensions are free from the official site, too!
Don't waste your time with some spammer site.

Magento is a great platform for e-commerce (online shopping carts), and we've used it for several clients in the past. It's not the easiest of software, and there can be steep server requirements, so always consult with professionals. This isn't really software that is made for the do-it-yourself'er that has zero/limited computer e-commerce experience.

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